The department of Evacuee Property was created by the Government under the J&K State Evacuees’ (Administration of Property) Act Svt. 2006 and Rules made there under to administer upon and manage various evacuee properties left behind by the persons who migrated to Pakistan in 1947 due to partition of India.

The administrative hierarchy of this department is as follows:-

  • Custodian General.
  • Custodian Kashmir.
  • Custodian Jammu.
  • Dy. Custodian (Central).

Deputy Custodians for the following Districts:-

Jammu, Kathua, Udhampur, Poonch, Rajouri, Srinagar, Baramulla and Anantnag. The Dy. Custodians are being assisted by Field Inspectors, Rent Collectors and Ministerial Staff.

The department has its own Engineering Wing headed by Executive Engineer.

The Custodians of the respective Divisions and Dy. Custodians of the Districts have been entrusted with the responsibility to take such measures as they consider necessary for the purpose of administering, improving, preserving and managing the evacuee property. The duties and powers of Custodian have been elaborated under Section (9) of the J&K State Evacuees ( Administration of Property) Act, Svt. 2006.

The Evacuee Property Department runs on its own resources, without any grant-in-aid or financial assistance from the Government Institutions. 30% of the income plus 10% interest accuring thereon from other deposits are being spent on “Administration charges” and 25% of the income is being utilized for maintenance and repairs of evacuee property houses, flats, orchards etc. in pursuance of Rule 22 of J&K State Evacuees ( Administration of Property) Rules Svt. 2008. To boost the income and cope up with ever increasing expenditure, the department has raised / is raising assets on the vacant evacuee property sites for residential as well as commercial purposes by spending the amount out of common pool.

With raising of the assets, the department has not only received crores of rupees on account of premium but has generated regular income worth lacs of rupees annually by way of allotments/ lease made in respect of the said property after following due procedure of law under the EP Act Svt. 2006. Relevant to mention here that by introducing new policy/ guidelines in the year 2010, the department has been receiving handsome income by way of charging premium for leasing out of evacuee properties on long term basis @ 70%, 50%, and 40% of potential value assessed by the Committee designated respectively for the purposes of Commercial, Residential and Agriculture besides monthly rent and fee chargeable for transfer of lease hold rights to a third party.